Celebrating 8 Years of UBITQUITY, LLC: Revolutionizing Real Estate Title via the blockchain & web3

8 min readSep 16, 2023
8th anniversary

By: Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO @ UBITQUITY, LLC


It’s a time of celebration for UBITQUITY, LLC, as the company marks a remarkable eight-year journey of innovation, transformation, and success. Since our inception on September 15, 2015,

UBITQUITY has consistently been at the forefront of revolutionizing the real estate industry through blockchain technology and web3. With an unwavering commitment to transparency, security, and efficiency, UBITQUITY has become a trusted name in the world of real estate, setting new standards for the entire industry. In this blog post, we take a closer look at UBITQUITY’s journey, its significant achievements, and the impact it has had on the real estate landscape.

The Genesis of UBITQUITY

When I founded UBITQUITY, LLC, it started with a vision to streamline and modernize the complex and often cumbersome real estate transaction process. I recognized that blockchain technology, with its immutable ledger and smart contract capabilities, had the potential to revolutionize how property records were managed, recorded, and ultimately transferred. Over the past eight years, UBITQUITY has worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Key Accomplishments

  • Blockchain-Powered Property Records for Title: UBITQUITY’s pioneering solution allows for the creation of immutable and tamper-proof property records on the blockchain. This has significantly reduced the risk of fraudulent activities and errors in property transactions.
  • Efficient Title Recordation: Through its platform, UBITQUITY has made title transfers more efficient and cost-effective. The cumbersome paperwork and lengthy approval processes are now streamlined, resulting in quicker and smoother real estate transactions.
  • Tokenization of Real Estate: UBITQUITY has been a trailblazer in the tokenization of real estate assets, allowing fractional ownership, NFT property ownership (ERC-1404), peer-to-peer title policy recording/backup on the blockchain (hashes), IPFS/Filecoin (secure encrypted storage). and making investments in real estate more accessible to a wider audience through the power of cryptocurrencies.
  • Global Expansion: Over the years, UBITQUITY has expanded its reach across the globe, serving customers in Cambodia, Europe, Mexico, South Africa, the United States, and beyond. Its solutions have been embraced by individuals, small to medium-sized companies, and enterprises alike.

Noteworthy Milestones

September, 2015

  • UBITQUITY, LLC was officially founded and registered in Wilmington Delaware on September 15, 2015.

March, 2016

April, 2017

May, 2017

November, 2017

  • Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO speaks on the first-ever blockchain for real estate panel at the National Association of REALTORS, NAR event. He was joined by Avi Spielman (MIT CRE ‘16), John Mirkovic (Deputy Recorder of Deeds — Cook County, Chicago, IL). Read: Nathan Wosnack to Speak at the 2017 REALTORS® Conference & Expo

January, 2018

April, 2018

Blog: Changing The World, One Block At A Time: How The Blockchain Will Revolutionize Property Ownership

May, 2018

- Ubitquity Releases API For Blockchain-Based Property Tracking

August, 2018

October, 2018

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The Impact of UBITQUITY

The impact of UBITQUITY on the real estate industry cannot be overstated. Here are some key ways in which the company has made a difference:

  • Increased Transparency: Blockchain technology has brought transparency to property transactions, reducing the potential for disputes and fraud.
  • Cost Savings: UBITQUITY’s solutions have helped reduce the costs associated with title searches, escrow, and paperwork, making real estate transactions more affordable for everyone involved.
  • Accessibility: By enabling fractional ownership through tokenization, UBITQUITY has opened up real estate investments to a broader audience, democratizing the industry.
  • Security: The immutability of blockchain ensures that property records are secure and tamper-proof, providing peace of mind to property owners and investors.
  • Efficiency: Real estate transactions are now completed faster and with fewer errors, benefiting all parties involved.


As UBITQUITY, LLC, celebrates its eighth anniversary, it stands as a shining example of how blockchain technology and web3 can revolutionize the Real World Assets (RWA) of traditional industries. The company’s dedication to transparency, security, and efficiency in real estate transactions has paved the way for a more accessible and inclusive real estate market.

UBITQUITY’s journey over the past eight years is a testament to the power of innovation and the positive impact it can have on industries that have been ripe for disruption. As it continues to evolve and expand its offerings, there’s no doubt that UBITQUITY will remain a driving force in the future of real estate… One Block At A Time®. Here’s to many more years of innovation and success as the leading web3 company for real estate, title, and escrow™.

A special thank you to my staff: Ignacio Landáez Duin (Chief Operating Officer), David Simpson (Chief Growth Officer), Tatjana O’Brien (Chief A.I. Officer), Nancy Landáez Duin (Social Media Manager), our software developers, investors, advisors, affiliates, partners, customers, and last but not least; our loyal community!




Ubitquity, LLC was founded on September 15, 2015. We are based out of Wilmington, Delaware, USA, with staff, an advisory board, and partners located worldwide.