UBITQUITY, LLC and Bertram Village have signed a long-term agreement to bring blockchain for real estate technology and web3 to The Bahamas

4 min readMay 2, 2023

Ubitquity, the innovative leader in the blockchain, title, and real estate space will bring its innovative CryptoListing, NFTitle, and UbitquityPay solutions to this new township project slated for construction on the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas.

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Wilmington, Delaware, USA — May 2, 2023 — Ubitquity LLC, the leading enterprise blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, is excited to announce that it has officially partnered with Bertram Village on the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas. The township will be located just North of the famous Glass Window Bridge where the turquoise-blue Caribbean Sea meets the dark-blue Atlantic Ocean.

Bertram Village is a 2500-acre planned community with residential, commercial, and agricultural development on the beautiful island of Eleuthera, Bahamas. Ubitquity will be supplying Bertram Village access to three of its main web3 real estate products and services; in order to properly facilitate their business requirements and empower local Bahamian real estate agents.

The development is to include but not limited to:

  • Condominiums
  • Hotels
  • Light industrial for commercial/manufacturing use
  • Long-term scaled community development
  • Multi-family units
  • Professional Centers for small businesses
  • Public service and Medical facilities
  • Single-family homes
  • Shopping centers
  • Townhomes

“We’re tremendously excited to have partnered with Bertram Village. Foreign real estate purchasers will be able to pay for homes through Bertram Village and for the first time ever, have fully accurate, transparent, tracked, and secure clean records of ownership thanks to the power of NFTs, blockchain technology, IPFS, all that web3 has to offer the world. I truly believe that CryptoListing, NFTitle, and UbitquityPay will be helpful tools they need to achieve many of their goals. We have a lot of CryptoListings with companies, 10,000+ NFT records, and title/escrow companies in place to ensure regulatory compliance for handling real estate transactions with cryptocurrencies via UbitquityPay. Bertram Village is in good hands,” said Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO of Ubitquity.

“Ian Fraser — CEO/President, Danielle Percy- VP, Harold Whaley — Project Coordinator, and Sharon Blacknall — VP Administration, are a solid team that has put in nearly seven years of tireless dedication to Bertram Village. Much like our experience with Ubitquity, we understand that pragmatism and hard work are necessary in order to achieve one’s dreams. I couldn’t be more excited to be working alongside these fantastic professionals and help them reach their important technical milestones,” added Wosnack.

Bertram Village has stated that it will forever focus on ways to improve the entire Bahamian economy. They plan to provide thousands of high-quality jobs and educational scholarships, but they are also working with local government to guarantee that the Bahamas Commonwealth/Sovereign Wealth Fund is a key part of its business model. It’s the goal of Bertram Village to bring the best and brightest back to the Bahamas, and give them a reason to stay!

Over the years, Bertram Village has taken its own progressive approach to web3 technology. In addition to its newly formed strategic partnership with Ubitquity, it has also launched a local cryptocurrency token called The BeeVee.

The BeeVee is the official token of the township of Bertram Village on the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas. Used as an alternative currency in all retail and commercial products in the community, it can be traded for other assets at any time. The BeeVee is built on the Binance Smartchain (BNB), which is based on the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and has been in use since its launch in August 2019.

“The entire Bertram Village team is extremely excited to announce this partnership with Ubitquity! I’m confident that together we have a team of professionals that can take Bertram Village to the next level!

From the beginning, the vision was to build a community in North Eleuthera, using the most updated technology and resources available to empower Bahamians. I hate to see my people struggle. There aren’t enough high-quality jobs so our best and brightest leave. I was one of them, I left and lived in Oregon for 25 years. But now that the kids are grown, we are able to take everything we learned and bring it back to build Bertram Village and create something that can truly make a difference,” said Ian Fraser, Founder/President of Bertram Village.

“Now that we’re finally ready to launch Bertram Village, it is exciting to know that we will have Ubitquity and their Team to support us with CryptoListing, NFTitle, and UbitquityPay. As Eleuthera continues to be the fastest-growing island in the country, Ubitquity will be key to helping us reach more customers and manage the records. Blockchain is still a new concept to many people, but I believe that it is the record-keeping system of the future. We have a chance to set an example of a more efficient way, and that’s the best way to spark change!

Our tourism numbers in Eleuthera have almost doubled from the first 2 months of last year, compared to the first 2 months of this year! The timing is perfect for Bertram Village. Like the Minister of Tourism just said, ‘We gotta get heads in beds’,” added Fraser.

About Bertram Village

Bertram Village is a township development focused on providing North Eleuthera with a sustainable community designed to use the most updated technology and resources to empower Bahamians. Offering residential, commercial, and agricultural development opportunities, Bertram Village is set to fill the growing demand as Eleuthera continues to be the fastest-growing island in the country. For more information please visit www.bertramvillage.com

Bertram Village Contact

Ian Fraser, Founder/President


tel: +1 (242) 802–0219

About Ubitquity, LLC

UBITQUITY, the leading blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, offers a simple user experience for securely recording and tracking property deeds and land records. The company is partnered with academia, aviation companies, municipalities, and real estate companies.

Ubitquity Contact:

Ignacio Landáez Duin, Chief Operating Officer

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