UBITQUITY, LLC introduces the NFT My Home™ add-on, revolutionizing Real World Asset (RWA) ownership via web3, and unveils an upcoming ERC-1404 trading platform launch

4 min readSep 9, 2023


NFT My Home

Wilmington, Delaware — September 9, 2023 — UBITQUITY LLC, a leading blockchain-powered real estate title and technology company, is proud to announce the launch of the NFT My Home add-on for its groundbreaking flagship product; NFTitle™.

The NFT My Home™ add-on represents a significant leap forward in the real estate industry by introducing blockchain technology and NFTs to streamline Real World Asset (RWA) property ownership verification. UBITQUITY’s latest offering aims to bring additional transparency, security, and efficiency to property transactions by leveraging the power of the blockchain, IPFS/Filecoin, and DeFi.

NFT My Home™ facilitates the creation of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), on NFTitle™, that is intrinsically linked to the exclusive ownership of a singular-purpose Limited Liability Company (LLC). Much like a tangible deed, an NFT functions as the formal entity or Limited Liability Company (LLC) responsible for legally safeguarding and encrypting property rights and ownership records. By preserving the property acquisition details on the blockchain, the NFT grants access to essential legal documents for verifying property ownership.

Upon the completion of the purchase procedure, the owner(s) will obtain both the NFT, which encompasses property ownership rights and the physical property itself. In the end, this transforms into a DeFi asset that the owner can utilize to secure loans or other financial transactions.

With UBITQUITY’s newly launched v3.0 user-friendly platform that is now available as of September 1st, businesses can easily access the resources and tools necessary to revolutionize their workflows and propel their organizations into the future of the next generation of PropTech SaaS offerings.

“We are incredibly proud to introduce NFT My Home™, on the heels of our 8th anniversary as a company. NFT My Home™ is a groundbreaking solution that will reshape the real estate landscape. By integrating NFTs and blockchain technology into property ownership verification, we are bringing much-needed trust and transparency to the industry. Our mission is to empower homeowners and stakeholders with the tools they need for a better experience while protecting their property rights,” said Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO of UBITQUITY, LLC.

ERC-1404 — simple restricted token

“In addition, with ETA end of Q4 2023, we are poised to provide a secure trading platform for ERC-1404 tokens in collaboration with our partners at Swiss-based Mt. Pelerin, a FINMA-registered entity. Additionally, we will soon reveal a partnership with a US-based FINRA-registered broker-dealer. When you choose to list your tokenized property on our partner’s white label exchange in collaboration with UBITQUITY, your investors will benefit from enhanced liquidity options and the chance to engage with a rapidly expanding community of real estate investors,” added Wosnack.

UBITQUITY, LLC’s NFT My Home™ platform is set to disrupt the real estate industry and bring about a new era of trust and transparency in property transactions. This innovative solution comes at a time when the need for secure, verifiable property ownership is greater than ever.

To take advantage of this SaaS platform, sign up. Use promo code UBIT8 for 20% off NFTitle.

For more information about NFT My Home™ and how UBITQUITY, LLC is changing the face of real estate ownership verification, please visit ubitquitynft.com/web3/nft-my-home/. To learn about our soon-to-be-launched ERC-1404 plans, reach out, and they will keep you updated! To learn more about NFTitle™, the global leading platform and network that has minted 1M+ real estate-related documents since March 2023, and its extensive features/add-ons, visit UbitquityNFT.com/web3/.

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