UbitquityPay Transition: Embracing Strategic Partnerships and Unveiling an Enhanced Merchant Program

2 min readFeb 4, 2024
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As of February 4, 2024, UbitquityPay is undergoing a transformation, marking a pivotal moment in our commitment to transparency and strategic evolution. In alignment with our dedication to fostering non-whitelabel relationships with fully licensed partners, we are proud to announce our collaboration with Rocketfuel and NOWPayments.

The Strategic Shift:

The decision to discontinue the UbitquityPay platform is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to transparency and pride in promoting our partnerships. Concerns surrounding the licensing status of UbitquityPay prompted a reassessment. It is imperative to clarify that we were not legally obligated to obtain specific licenses, as our operations exclusively rely on the Rocketfuel Merchant Program for partnership and NOWPayments for end-user transactions across our websites.

Note: We are adding more payment partners in 2024 so look out for those!

Clarifying Our Role:

As a consistent “tier 2” whitelabel/non-whitelabel partner with Rocketfuel and NOWPayments, the discontinuation of the UbitquityPay brand aims to eliminate potential ambiguities surrounding our role in cryptocurrency and traditional fiat transactions. This strategic shift allows us to streamline and enhance the clarity of our operations.

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Operational Continuity:

Despite these changes, there are no disruptions to our operational processes. We continue to offer a Merchant partnership in collaboration with Rocketfuel. By engaging directly with us for the program, merchants can experience substantial cost savings through reduced percentage fees, thanks to our longstanding and advantageous partnership agreement with Rocketfuel.

Join Our Merchant Program:

For those interested in exploring the enhanced Merchant Program or seeking clarification, we invite you to visit our Merchant Program page. We are committed to responding promptly, within one business day, to address your inquiries and provide valuable insights.

At Ubitquity, we value your trust and are excited about the opportunities that this strategic evolution brings. Join us on this journey as we continue to prioritize transparency, partnerships, and operational excellence… ONE BLOCK AT A TIME®.




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