UBITQUITY, LLC and Women in Blockchain Canada Join Forces to Fundraise and Forge Enterprise Partnerships at Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE

4 min readOct 11, 2023


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), October 12, 2023 — UBITQUITY, LLC, a leading blockchain and real estate technology company, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Women in Blockchain Canada as they collaborate to raise funds and explore enterprise-level opportunities at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE, scheduled from October 15th to October 18th, 2023.

The Future Blockchain Summit is an annual event that brings together innovators, experts, and enthusiasts in the blockchain industry to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and applications of blockchain technology and web3 across various sectors.

UBITQUITY, known for its pioneering work in blockchain-based Real World Assets in title for web3, and Women in Blockchain Canada, an organization dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within the blockchain space, have joined forces to harness the potential of the blockchain and to bring its technological innovations to the Middle East.

The executive team from UBITQUITY, including Ignacio Landaez Duin (COO) and David Simpson (CGO), will be attending the event to showcase their innovative blockchain solutions and explore collaboration opportunities with leading enterprise clients and partners in Dubai. UBITQUITY’s blockchain platform simplifies real estate transactions, enabling secure, transparent, and efficient processes for property title/escrow, recordation, and related services that bring Real World Assets (RWA) and web3 together.

Women in Blockchain Canada is proud to be part of this collaboration, bringing their expertise and commitment to diversity and inclusion in the blockchain industry to the forefront. They aim to engage with industry leaders, share insights, and promote gender equality in the blockchain ecosystem.

The Future Blockchain Summit offers a unique platform for UBITQUITY and Women in Blockchain Canada to connect with potential investors, partners, and clients who share their vision for the future of blockchain technology in the UAE and beyond.

Key activities during the event will include:

  • Presentations and demonstrations of UBITQUITY’s blockchain solutions for real estate, emphasizing their potential to revolutionize property transactions.
  • Networking sessions where UBITQUITY and Women in Blockchain Canada will engage with key stakeholders, including government officials, business leaders, and blockchain enthusiasts.
  • Fundraising efforts to support the continued development and expansion of UBITQUITY’s blockchain offerings.

“We are excited to collaborate with Women in Blockchain Canada and participate in the Future Blockchain Summit. This event presents a significant opportunity to showcase the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the real estate sector, and we look forward to forging valuable partnerships in Dubai. We previously participated in blockchain events in the UAE in 2016, and 2017. We are excited to be back after all these years,” said Ignacio Landáez Duin, COO of UBITQUITY.

“We are proud to be partnering with UBITQUITY at this prestigious event. Together, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of diversity in the blockchain industry and contribute to meaningful discussions on blockchain’s role in shaping the future,” said Justyna Osowska, Founder of Women in Blockchain Canada.

UBITQUITY and Women in Blockchain Canada invite all interested parties, investors, and potential partners to reach out to them at the contact details below or at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai to learn more about their initiatives and explore collaboration opportunities.

About Ubitquity, LLC

Ubitquity, the leading blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, offers a streamlined user experience for securely recording and tracking property deeds, land records, and other Real World Assets (RWA) with the power of web3: One Block At a Time®. Our company maintains partnerships with academia, municipalities, and global real estate firms.

Ubitquity Contact:

Ignacio Landáez Duin, COO

Email: info@ubitquity.io

Tel: +1 (724) BITCØIN [248–2046]

Website: Ubitquity.io

About Women in Blockchain Canada

Women in Blockchain Canada is an organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the blockchain industry. They provide a platform for women and underrepresented individuals to excel in blockchain-related fields and contribute to the growth and development of the technology.

Women in Blockchain Canada Contact:

Justyna Osowska, Founder

Email: info@womeninblockchaincanada.com

Website: womeninblockchaincanada.com

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