The innovative leader in the blockchain and real estate space joins the US public-private partnership organization, Property Records Industry Association (PRIA).

Wilmington, Delaware, USA — August 12, 2020 — Ubitquity LLC, the enterprise-ready blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, is pleased to announce that it has officially joined the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA). Working together towards a common goal — PRIA manifests the idea that government and business can work together, with mutual respect, to address issues of common concern in the world of property transactions.

“Ubitquity is proud to be one of the first blockchain companies to join PRIA,” said Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO at Ubitquity. “By PRIA’s commitment to developing and promoting national standards and best practices for the land records industry — PRIA and its members are playing a leading role in making property transactions faster, safer and more convenient for everyone. Ubitquity shares PRIA’s passion for creating the best possible version of the land records industry.”

Ubitquity has a number of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) tools available on its unanimity platform, that it has successfully integrated across a variety of industries including aviation and real estate for escrow and title closing support, title abstracting, digital, hybrid, and paper notary support, smart contract management, as well as secure document management. “With the recent launch of NotaryBlock™, a blockchain-based digital, hybrid, and paper notary support product, it is clear that Ubitquity’s vision for the land records industry synergizes with PRIA’s vision of making property transactions faster, safer and more convenient for everyone,” said Ian T. Staley, MSM, VP of Business Development at Ubitquity.

PRIA is a place for all participants of the property records industry to come together and openly discuss issues of common concern. PRIA members include recorders, title and escrow companies, lenders, notary associations, technology companies and industry groups from across the real estate and mortgage industries.

About Ubitquity, LLC

UBITQUITY, the enterprise ready blockchain-secured platform for real estate recordkeeping, offers a simple user experience for securely recording and tracking property deeds and land records. The company is partnered with academia, aviation companies, municipalities, and real estate companies. Version 1.1 release of the platform is now available at www.ubitquity.io. Learn about NotaryBlock™ and how it can help your firm by visiting www.ubitquity.io/notaryblock.

About PRIA

PRIA develops and promotes national standards and best practices for the property records industry. PRIA was created based on the concept that participants from all industry segments come together as equals to openly discuss issues and develop best practices and standards for the industry.

Ubitquity Contact:

Sahar Hariri, Sr. Client Account Manager

e: info@ubitquity.io

t: 1+ (724) BITCØIN [248–2046]

PRIA Contact:

Property Records Industry Associations

e: info@pria.us

t: 1+ (919) 459–2081

Ubitquity, LLC was founded on September 15, 2015. We are based out of Wilmington, Delaware, USA, with staff, an advisory board, and partners located worldwide.

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