How does NotaryBlock work?

Improve security, transparency, and trust in your digital notary workflow.

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NotaryBlock™ provides a single source of truth for a notary public to confirm the identity of signatories ultimately eliminating the need to maintain a paper-based notary journal of entries.

NotaryBlock™ brings this all into the blockchain era. Once data is placed on the blockchain it can be easily retrieved and re-used without a need for further verification. The data becomes a single source of truth all parties to the transaction can trust without the need to reconcile.

This application works well with the recent spike in demand for Remote Online Notarization (RON), Remote Ink Signed (RIN), and eClosing solutions (as a response to COVID-19). The blockchain-based digital notary solution, NotaryBlock™ is a unique and future-proof competitive differentiator.

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All illustrations: Greg Mably

Hash the data

Acting as the secured “railway” for the eClose process, NotaryBlock securely stores data via encrypted hashes on the blockchain. Transfer of that data is pushed from your software stack to Ubitquity’s robust API and written/recorded, then stored on the blockchain (via the Ubitquity unanimity platform) as proof of existence.

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Conclusive Proofs Manifested

NotaryBlock assures users of tamper resistance and non repudiation in its encrypted hash storage. Proof of ownership is verified with a unique identifier for each parallel record of the certified document.

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Immutable record is logged

Once the data from the closing ceremony is written and stored on the blockchain it serves as an immutable record. This provides a single source of truth. Having a single source of truth allows for the solidification of the integrity of data. Saving costs of re-verification.

Learn more about NotaryBlock for your organization

The NotaryBlock™ software modules are available to integrate into your existing workflow immediately. Learn more about NotaryBlock at or request a copy of our latest slidedeck.

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