GBA (Ubitquity member) Ukraine Update: Supplies Desperately Needed

Ukrainian Civilian Shelters Need:

  1. Sleeping bags
  2. Karrimats
  3. Rechargeable flashlights
  4. Disinfectants
  5. Raincoats
  6. Disposable underpad sheets
  7. Power banks
  8. Thermal underwear (men’s)
  9. Essential medicines
  10. Food stocks with a long shelf life
  11. Personal hygiene products
  12. Medicines & medical supplies — sterile bandages, absorbent medical cotton wool, gauze, tourniquets, water peroxide, alcohol, chlorhexidine, bandages/patches, adhesive plaster on a fabric basis, adhesive plaster bactericidal, water disinfection tablets, painkillers/analgesic drugs, antipyretic drugs, broad-spectrum antibiotics ((ІІІ-ІV generation), hemostatic (tranexanic acid, aminocaproic acid), powdered streptocide, betadine iodine, no-spa (drotaverine) (tablets, ampoules), analgin (tablets, ampoules), syringes, ammonia spirit, intravenous infusion sets, medical splints
  1. Alcohol stoves
  2. Body armor (no lower than level /class 4 protection)
  3. Dry /Powdered alcohol
  4. Dry rations / MREs
  5. Elbow pads
  6. Filters for water disinfection (tactical)
  7. First aid kits tactical
  8. Flashlights
  9. Generators
  10. Gloves (warm tactical)
  11. Karrimats, the sleeping mats
  12. Kevlar helmets
  13. Knee pads
  14. Medicines
  15. Radio stations
  16. Socks (warm)
  17. Tactical backpacks
  18. Tactical boots
  19. Tactical glasses
  20. Tents
  21. Thermal underwear

For more information about how you can help,
send an email to



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