Ubitquity 2020: a revolution for the title industry with blockchain technology [Free Inaugural Webinar]


Ubitquity is the leading blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping. We’ve had quite the journey over the last five years, with 2020 being our most innovative and profitable year yet. We want to share in the excitement by catching you all up to speed on all the exciting developments happening for us, along with discussing trends and events coming up from our partners at the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise (FIBREE). This event is free of charge.

At the Ubitquity 2020 inaugural event, executives Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO, and Sam Reynolds COO) plus other staff (Ian Staley, CBDO / Wes Williams Esq., VP of Product) will introduce everyone to our new website (developed with design firm WittyCookie), along with familiarizing you with our new products and future ones:

BlockSTRACT: a blockchain-powered marketplace for title abstractors. We will give a full Figma demo of this product and discuss our future development plans with version 2.0.

SmartEscrow: An application for reducing overhead costs to mitigate risks for your organization. A Figma demo will also be available.

TitleToken: What we are proposing is the creation of a Title Token. One that would function like a Torrens certificate. The Title Token would contain ownership and estate information, as well as recorded liens, easements, restrictions, encumbrances, etc. Wes Williams, Esq., (VP of Product, advisor) will be discussing this and our goals with bringing this to fruition in 2021 with the cooperation of the title industry.

Event Speakers:

We will be inviting speakers from our advisory board, our corporate partners, and customers to speak at Ubitquity 2020. TBD on speakers.

Who is welcomed:

Our customers, partners, advisers. Leaders from the title, escrow, mortgage industry, and individuals/companies from the blockchain community. We reserve the right to limit or restrict access.


Sponsorship of this event is available. Email info@ubitquity.io.

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Ubitquity LLC

Ubitquity LLC

Ubitquity, LLC was founded on September 15, 2015. We are based out of Wilmington, Delaware, USA, with staff, an advisory board, and partners located worldwide.