• David Tang

    David Tang

    CEO of Standard Kepler and Kepler Blockchain Lab. Blockchain enthusiast, engineer.

  • Luke Parker

    Luke Parker

    Bank abolitionist, Decentralization advocate

  • Doug Sandlin

    Doug Sandlin

    Blockchain| Digital Assets | please follow @dougsandlinconsulting on Medium

  • David Geisser

    David Geisser

    Digital Business Builder

  • Chris Evans

    Chris Evans

  • Juan S. Galt

    Juan S. Galt

    Hunter of white rabbits. #Bitcoin Evangelism And R&D. #HODL #FreeSpeech #Privacy #AtomicSwaps

  • Sergio Tarrero

    Sergio Tarrero

  • Jeffrey Loyd

    Jeffrey Loyd

    Mortgage Broker licensed in CA, CO, FL & NJ. For today’s rates: https://jeffrey-loyd.clixonme.com.

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