BLOG: $UBQT Utility Token Airdrop Transforms into a Seamless Push Structure

3 min readFeb 20, 2024

Dear UBITQUITY Community,

We are thrilled to bring you some exciting updates regarding the upcoming $UBQT Utility Token Airdrop! In an effort to enhance user experience and streamline the process, we have made a strategic shift from a claim-based system to a more efficient push structure via

What’s Changing?

Instead of claiming your $UBQT Utility tokens on BlastPad, you’ll now experience a seamless push directly into your WebAuth wallet. This new approach aims to simplify and expedite the airdrop process, ensuring that our community receives their tokens effortlessly.

How to Participate: logo

Participating in the $UBQT Utility Token Airdrop is now easier than ever. Follow these simple steps to claim your tokens:

  • 1. WebAuth Wallet: Ensure you have a WebAuth wallet. If you don’t have one yet, visit to create your wallet.
  • 2. Sign Up: Head over to $UBQT Airdrop Page to sign up for the airdrop. Provide Details: During the sign-up process, supply your email address and WebAuth username to verify your eligibility. You must read and agree to the UBITQUITY LLC $UBQT Utility Token Rules which are available on the aforementioned website.

That’s it! After you complete these steps, you’ll be all set to receive your $UBQT tokens directly into your WebAuth wallet within a few hours of the Airdrop starting. Keep in mind that we’re manually reviewing each $UBQT request to ensure compliance with laws (i.e. Embargoed/Sanctioned countries), filtering duplicate/erroneous requests, etc.

Important Details:

  • $UBQT Utility Token Airdrop starts on: February 29, 2024, at 11:11 PM EST
  • The $UBQT Airdrop Platform:
  • Prerequisite: A WebAuth wallet (only downloaded from WebAuth or [iPhone] App Store | [Android] Play Store).

Why the Change?

We believe that this transition to a push structure will not only simplify the token distribution process but also provide a more user-friendly experience for our valued community members.

At UBITQUITY, we are committed to evolving with the latest technologies to provide the best possible services to our community. The decision to switch to a push structure aligns with our mission to make web3 technology, in partnership with XPR Network, accessible and user-friendly. We appreciate your continued support, and we’re excited to share this innovative step with you.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey as we bring more value to NFTitle Network and our Title Plant Token add-on!

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team either on our Telegram Group or email us at:

As the leading web3 company for real estate, title, and escrow™, we are excited to be bringing $UBQT to the world with the participation of our valued community!

With gratitude,

Nathan Wosnack (Founder & CEO) and the entire UBITQUITY Team



Don’t forget to read our whitepaper here.

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